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Still love the frames you have? 

We can fit your new lenses so you can still enjoy wearing your frame! 

We can reglaze your frame for you, simply order your Single Vision lenses online or fill in our quote form if you require a different lens type 

Order Your Lenses 
Order your Single Vision lenses online or fill in our quote form if you require a different lens type. 
Send Us Your Existing Frame 
We'll send you a reglaze pack to post back to us using the free post label with your current frames enclosed. 
We'll Add The New Lenses 
Your new lenses will be fitted to your frame and sent back to you via Royal Mail or choose the secure tracking option for an extra charge. 
For single vision lenses, you can order direct from the website by clicking on the button below. Once your order is complete, we will send you our packaging box for your current glasses and a pre-paid postage label. 
For bifocal or varifocal lenses, please fill in our quote form and we'll get back to you with a cost as soon as possible! 


Single Vision lenses from £18 
Bifocal lenses from £25 
Varifocal lenses from £60 

Reglazing Guide Type Of Lens 

Single Vision lenses 
Single Vision lenses are prescribed for distance, near and intermediate use, such as driving, reading and working on your computer. 
Bifocal lenses 
Bifocal lenses are prescribed for distance and near use combined. These two focal lengths appear in one lens for use with such things as driving and reading. 
Varifocal Lenses 
Varifocal lenses are prescribed for distance, intermediate and near use combined. Three focal lengths are within the varifocal for use with such things as driving, computer and reading. 
Non-prescription lenses 
Even if you don't have a prescription you can still wear glasses for practicality or fashion. Make your glasses the best they can be with anti glare/reflection lenses, tinted lenses dark or light you choose. 
High index 
Add high index to your lens specification to help give a slim line look, a tougher lens in most cases and in some gain an anti glare coating as standard. High index lenses benefit presbiotic prescriptions and delicate frame designs, there are several high index levels you can choose from. 
Hard coating 
Add a hard coat to your lenses to give them scratch resistance prolonging the condition of your lenses. Glasses that experience a lot of wear and tear will particularly benefit from this coating. 
Anti glare coating 
Add an anti glare coating to your lenses to give them scratch resistance and the ability to reduce glare and reflections. This coating is useful for such things as reducing car headlight glare, computer screen glare and light reflections, making the lenses cosmetically better looking as well as more practical. 
Blue light coating 
Add a blue light coating to help protect your eyes against damaging artificial blue light that comes with some modern technology we use constantly. Computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones all give off blue light. We protect our eyes from the light of the sun so why not the light from artificial light objects. 
Transitions or photochromic 
Add transitions and let your glasses react to the level of light, a real benefit for those with sensitive eyes. Protecting your eyes from harmful rays transition lenses are available in brown and grey and if you opt for the extra active version your lenses will also react behind the windscreen of the car and other natural light filled internal spaces. 
Add a tint with UV protection to your lenses to create sunglasses, request a colour for your solid tint. 

Please Note 

Add ons can be mixed and matched to a certain extent, you don't just have to have one and you don't need to have prescription lenses to take advantage of them! Eyes are precious, eyesight needs protecting and taking care of and these add ons can help do that. 
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